Made in Italy

EcoChip Chippers and Shredders

EcoChip Chippers and Chipper/Shredders are manufactured by Del Morino in Italy and represent over 100 years of expertise. Del Morino currently boasts sales, support and service in over 40 countries worldwide.



The EC90 can chip up to 2.5″ diameter limbs with ease. Powered by a 7 hp Subaru SP210 engine, the EC90 is the smallest in theEcoChip line weighing in at 170 lbs.

EC100 by ECOchip


The EC100 Chipper/Shredder can chip 3″ dia. limbs with ease, turns 1 inch limbs and foliage into a perfect mulch, and comes with six different mulch size output screens.

EC120 Chipper


The EC120 can handle up to 3.5″ diameter limbs with ease. Powered by a 14 hp Subaru EX40 engine, it’s the largest in the EcoChip line. Includes a folding handle on the intake chute.

All EcoChip Chippers and Shredders feature:

Sales and service from our nationwide network of dealers

  • Heavy duty 6 gauge steel construction
  • Computer balanced fly wheel
  • Powerful Subaru engines
  • Industrial powder coat finish for protection
  • Heat-treated cutter blades for performance and long life
  • 360 degree centrifugal clutch

EcoChip Chippers and Shredders are available through our dealer network.